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Haino solo 2003 the Tonic NYC

Haino improv with Jim Black, and Lee Ranaldo 11.15.02 the Tonic NYC


Check out the Keiji Haino webpage done by my friend Dave. He has posted almost all my Haino pics from his 11/02 NYC tonic gigs and their is a bunch of cool stuff to look over. My pics are up on the live dates section.


Great great indepth interview by Alan Cummings from Halana mag. lots of cool pics in this one also 

AIHIYO (note some Aihiyo slips into some of the solo haino sets)
----"7.18.98 Tokyo, Japan" 110m (9) some heavy tape hiss,
----"3.17.99 Manda-La II, Tokyo Japan" 3 CD's very long (9) as trio- Masami Kawaguchi-bass  Ikuro Takahashi-drums
----"4.9.99 Tokuzo, Nagoya Japan" 133m (10) CD from DAT master
----"7.31.00 Red Lion, Osaka, Japan" 120m (10) DAT clone

----"78 Rehearsals" 90m (7.5-8) different sessions, includes Haino Guitar+vocals, Takahashi Ayuo violin, Shiraihi, Tamio Snyth.
----"10.14.79 Minor, Tokyo" 
----"10.27.79 Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan" 120m
----"12.9.79 Minor, Tokyo" 40m (8.5)
----"5.8.81 Minor, Tokyo"
----"8.27.81 Loft, Tokyo, Japan" 35m
----"10.23.81 Jam, Tokyo Japan" 30m
----"11.18.81 Shinjuku Jam, Tokyo"  
----"11.21.81 Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan" 60m
----88 Donzokp House, Tokyo, Japan" 120m (9.5) very good sounding gig
----"early 90's? Fukuoka, Japan" 130m (9.5) SB>? awesome sounding board gig..unknown exact date for this gig
----"7.11.91 La Mama, Tokyo, Japan" 120m
----"8.8.93 La Mama, Tokyo, Japan" 170m (9.5) sb>??> CD, sounds great 2 guitars no bass. super show
----"6.11.94 La Mama, Tokyo, Japan" 70m
----"4.26.96 with PETER BROTZMANN Hosei University, Tokyo" 180m (9) some rough spots but amazing material.. Brotzmann plays on about 1/2 of recording
----"4.29.97 Manda-La II, Tokyo, Japan" 200m (9) 3CD's this gig is completely smoking!!! fav aud recording, guitar is paint scrapping loud!
----"10.25.97 20,000 Volts, Tokyo, Japan" 90m (9) Analog low generation
----"3.29.98 Fukuoka, Japan" 130m (9) MD> CD
----"11.13.98 The Showboat, Tokyo, Japan" 180m
----"7.2.99 The Showboat, Tokyo, Japan" 190m (9) ??? > CD expanded show of 11.6.99, Digi noise flareup every 20min for 5 secs, very annoying
----"11.6.99 The Tonic, NYC early set" 73m (9) some low end mic noise from clothing rubbing. otherwise (9.5) AT853> MD702 master ----"11.6.99 The Tonic, NYC early set" 73m (9) dsm6> D8 dat> CD, different source then my master
----"11.6.99 The Tonic, NYC late set" 60m (9.5) AT853> MD702 master
----"11.13.99 Spaceland, Land, LA, CA" 90m (9) at822> MDmaster> CD short version of NYC 11.6.9
----"5.22.00 The Garage, London, UK" 70m (9.5) sb>??? >CD, Charles Hayward on drums
----"11.18.00 Gent, Vooruit, Belguim" 60m (9.5) sb> MDmaster> CD, volume limited gig due to soundboard problems, not full show due to taper fuckup's also as a 2 piece
----"11.16.02 the Tonic, NYC" 130m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 master...duo set Haino plays Drums, Percussion, Drum machine, Guitar, strange bird cage thing??? and Vocals
----"3.13.03 Showboat, Tokyo, Japan" 150m (as a duo) csb>md>CD
----"8.2.03 Hosei University, Tokyo" 5 CD's (9.5) (duo) csb>D100dat> CD some in the red on disc one still killer though
----"10.19.03 the Tonic, NYC" 180m (9.5) dpa4061>M1dat master duo set no Haino plays guitar/ vocals/ drum machine 
----"12.12.03 Hosei University, Tokyo" 6 CD's 7 hours!! uncut entire gig!! thanks Phil you rule!! CSB> datd100> CD

----"9.27??.80 Minor, Tokyo" 60m
----"11.29.80 Happy Box, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan" 45m (8) some analog generation but great performance, guitar, vocal
----"2.17.83 Gyatei,Tokyo, Japan" 50m (8.5) Guitar, Vocals
----"12.30.91 Gospel, Sengawa" 22m (9) guitar, vocals.. some analog gen but pretty good... not complete
----"6.30.92 Bordigarrie, Frankfurt Germany" 40m (9) analog low generation, wierd mix loud vocals, guitar, vocals
----"94-95?? studio trxs from Europe" 60m (8) some analog generation
----"5.7.94 The Thristy Swede, San Francisco, CA" 40m (9.5) guitar and vocals  analog master> CD
----"8.17.97 Heavens Door, Tokyo" 60m
----"11.9.97 Lumiere, Christchurch, NZ" 55m (8.5) ana>ana> CD (solo guitar)
----"11.11.97 Herzog, Auckland, NZ" 48m (8.5) ana>ana> CD (solo guitar)
----"11.12.97 Herzog, Auckland, NZ" 55m (8.5) ana>ana> CD (percussion, vocals)
----"12.26.97 Seikazoku, Japan" 100m (9.5) DAT clone low levels but very good, Hurdy Gurdy, Vocals
----"12.19.98 Tokuzo, Nagoya, Japan" 110m (9.5) CD from DAT clone, guitar, vocals
----"5.2.99 Heaven's Door, Tokyo, Japan" 45m (9) wave drum, vocal, tambura
----"4.9.99 Tokuzo, Nagoya Japan" 133m (10) CD from DAT master
----"6.20.99 20,000volts, Tokyo, Japan" 17m (8.5) guitar, vocal  entire solo set from group show with KK Null, and Merzbow
----"10.31.99 Context Studios, NYC" 59m (8) ana 1st gen> CD
----"11.14.99 Beyond Baroque, Venice, CA" 35m (9.5) at822> MD master> CD, stringed instruments, percussion and many other things
----"7.30.00 Red Lion Osaka, Japan" 120m (9.5) ?? > CD Aihiyo solo songs
----"1.15.00 Sarai Fukuoka, Japan" 70m (9.5) electronics, hurdy gurdy, vocals  great drone show!
----"8.19.00 Tower Records, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan" 40m (8) analog source? listed as solo but may contain a second guitarist??
----"3.27.01 Apia, Tokyo, Japan" 120m (9.5)at822> MDmaster >CD guitar, vocals, chunks of Aihiyo material
----"4.6.01 The Project, Dublin,  Ireland" 60m (9) ?? > CD solo percussion, sounds like Haino hitting pots and pans??
----"5.5.01 20,000volts, Tokyo" 70M (9.5) sony mic>MD> CD tone generator, percussion, ethnic stringed instrument
----"3.31.02 Star Pines, Tokyo" 47m sony mic> MD> CD electronics, percussion, vocals  this was released C'est Parfait..." this is different source and 2 min longer
----"11.15.02 the Tonic, NYC" 90m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 master  guitar and vocals
----"12.15.02 Jerry Jeff, Tokyo, Japan" 75m (10) MD>MD>CD cuts not complete show...really nice show at ultra small venue close mic placement 
----"2.1.03 Flying Teapot, Tokyo" 3CD's (9.5) csb>D100dat> CD haino does not play an instrument on the CD this is a Haino DJ set at a club 
----"2.22.03 Plan B, Tokyo, Japan" 50m (9) solo percussion csb>md>cd
----"3.3.03 Manda-La2, Tokyo, Japan" 60m (9.5) csb>md>CD
----"3.28.03 Showboat, Tokyo" 66m (9.5) csb>d100dat> CD hurdy gurdy and percussion
----"5.03.03 Showboat, Tokyo" 73min (9.5) CSB>d100dat> CD solo electronics also the Haino Bday show
----"5.17.03 Jerry Jeff, Tokyo" 130m (9.5) csb>d100dat> CD Ethnic stringed thing, guitar, vocals..mic super close very nice show!!
----"6.20.03 20,000volts, Tokyo" 50m (9.5) CSB>D100dat> CD
----"7.19.03 Jerry Jeff, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) ana>ana> CD (vocals, guitar)
----"9.16.03 Apia, Sibuya" 70m (9) MD
----"9.20.03 Maserhouse, Ohashi" 60m (9) MD>CD (Hurdy Gurdy) 
----"9.21.03 Jerry Jeff, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) ana>ana> CD (vocals, guitar)
----"10.13.03 Heavens Door, Sangenjaya" 70m (9) MD
----"10.18.03 the Tonic, NYC" 150m (9.5) dpa4061>M1dat master ..electric guitar and vocals first disc has some distortion from effects/ pedals still good
----"1.31.04 Mikauadia Junior School, Roppongi" 50m (10) dpa4061>datm1 hurdy gurdy
----"2.1.04 Golden Gai, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 acoustic guitar
----"2.13.04 Annandale Hotel, Sydney" 120m (8.5) guitar some mic distortion during loud sections
----"5.3.04 Showboat, Tokyo" 180m (9.5) dpa4061>datm1
----"6.5.04 Le Carre Bleu Poitiers, France" 70m (10) guitar vocals..great sounding gig but only about 1/2 here anyone with complete?? might be soundboard???
----"7.30.04 Penguin House, Tokyo" 60m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 electric guitar

----"8.23.78 TAKASHI, KENICHI, Unknown Venue and location??) 52m (8) Haino (guitar, vocals) Takashi (sax), Kenichi (koto) billed as vibration society 
----"11.15.80 GOZEN4JI Kanagawa University, Kanagawa" 38m (8.5)
----"11.27.80 GOZEN4JI Loft, Tokyo, Japan" 15m (8.5) on same disc as above
----"7.21.81 FRITH, Seibu Studio 200, Tokyo, Japan" 85m (8) Haino guitar vocals
----"5.20.82 DUNCAN, Vega Studio" 45m (8) Haino guitar, Duncan tapes  
----"7.23.82 SEIJIRO MURAYAMA  (percussion), FRITH, C.K. NOYES (drums) Studio Henry, NYC" 75m (9.5) Ana master> EQ> CD this I burned direct from the master tape myself!! Haino's first US performance, pretty nice stuff
----"4.22.90 TETSUO FURUDATE Heaven's Door, Tokyo" 40m (8.5) Haino ( guitar, vocals) Furudate (guitar)    
----"6.19.90 KK NULL, MERZBOW 20,000volts, Tokyo Japan" 120m (9) some hiss ...mix of solo sets and groupings
----"1.10.91 HANS REICHEL, MOTOHARU YOSHIZAWA, Gospel, Tokyo Japan" 90m
----"11.12.91 ZORN, MICK HARRIS " 35m (8.5) kinda rough..unknown venue and place?
----"12.9.91KAZUE SAWAI (koto) Romanishces Cafe, Roppongi" 65m 
----"12.23.91 ZORN, SHARP, CBGB's, NYC" 20m (8) unknown?> CD sounds like ass!!
----"1.14.92 FRED FRITH IMPROV Knitting Factory, NYC" 90m (9.5) ana > CD, Haino, Frith, Mori, Cora, Janaux, Buchanan
----"1.18.92 ZORN/ HARRIS Knitting Factory, NYC" 25m (10) SB>DAT> CDR was supposed to be a painkiller show with Haino but Laswell cancelled 
----"7.3.92 JOHN ZORN IMPROV, Knitting Factory, NYC" 45m (9) ana master> CD Haino, Moore, Shea, Baptista, Haas incomplete
----"9.24.95 TAKAHASHI AYUO, Manda-La 2" 60m (8.5) Haino voice, guitar, Hurdy Gurdy
----"5.19.96 AKITA/ KOSAKAI 20000volts Tokyo, Japan" 60m (9) Kosakai of incapacitants, Akita=Merzbow
----"10.31.96 NATSUKI KIDO, YUJI KATSUI, BARRE PHILIPS Manda-la 2, Tokyo, Japan" 60m (8) ana??> CD  Haino guitar vocals, Kido acoustic guitar, Katsui electric violin, Philips acoustic bass
----"11.25.96 DEREK BAILEY BBC studios, London" 60m (8) FM>ana some generation.. this is studio improv tracks mixed with studio commentary from BBC guys and some other music trxs played on the radio cut in..pretty interesting really
----"11.2.97 ARTHUR DOYLE, HIROSHI YAMAZAKI Manda-la 2, Tokyo, Japan" 115m (8.5) Haino-guitar, vocals, percussion Doyle-Sax, whistle, vocal  Yamazaki-drums, percussion
----"3.13.98 BLACK STAGE & LOL COXHILL, Hosei Univ. Tokyo, Japan" 60m
----"6.6.98 TONY CONRAD, ALEXANDRA GELENCSER Hosei University, Tokyo" 17m (9) Haino-voice  Conrad-violin  Gelencser-cello   entire trio set
----"8.14.98 TATSUYA/ WAKAN Showboat, Tokyo" 60m (9)
----"10.30.99 CONNERS Context Studios, NYC" 95m (8) Ana 1st gen, sounds shitty
----"11.5.99 ZORN, MORI and Z'ev on 2nd set" 95m (9.5) dsm6> dat> CD very cool gig, Zorn only plays on 1st set and Z'ev plays drums on 2nd set
----"3.25.00 BROTZMANN, HANO " unsure exact location?? have yet to listen to
----"3.30.00 BROTZMANN, HANO, Wist, Graz" 79m (10) DAT>CD
----"3.31.00 BROTZMANN, HANO Alter Schlachthof, Wels" 79m (10) SB> DAT> CD killer sound
----"6.16.00 SHUICHI CHINO Jazz in F, Oizumi Gakuen, Tokyo" "110m (8.5) Haino-guitar, vocals, Chino-piano, harmonica
----"2.9.01 TAKETERU KUDO Au totem, Nancy, France" 50m (9) Haino-hurdy gurdy, percussion   Kudo-dance
----"3.18.01 SABU TOYOZUMI, Lady Jane, Tokyo, Japan" 60m (9.5)at822> MD master> CD, Sabu on drums, this gig is killer!!
----"4.7.01 BARRY GUY, PAUL SMYTH Project, Dublin Ireland" 40m (9) ana?> CD  Haino guitar, Guy double bass, Smyth piano
----"4.10.01 MARTIN NOLAN Project, Dublin Ireland" 67m (10) SB>dat?>CD  Haino precussion, guitar, vocals, Nolan whistle, uilleann pipes  great sounds spacey ambient drone gig!!!
----"4.15.01 MASAKI KIKUCHI, Aoi Heya, Japan" 77m (9.5) haino (guitar, percussion, vocals) kikuchi (bass, electronics)
----"4.27.01 MASATO TOMOBE, Heaven's Door, Tokyo" 42m (9) Haino (guitar, vocals), Tomobe (vocals, guitar, harmonica) 
----"5.18.01 MOORE Cinema Laurier, Victoriaville, Can." 90m (9.5) dpa4061> datm1 master, hanio guitar, vocals, and percussion
----"7.17.02 MASONNA Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo" 55m (10) dpa4061>datM1 master...Haino percussion, vocals, electronics
----"11.15.02 JIM BLACK, LEE RANALDO the Tonic, NYC" 60m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 master   Haino vocals, guitar
----"11.26.02 MIKAMI, KAN Junkbox, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) sony mic>MD>CD 
----"12.8.02 ZORN/ LASWELL Pitt Inn, Tokyo: 125m (9.5) CSB>MD>CD
----"1.12.03 NATSUKI, KIDO Lady Jane, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) CSB>D100Dat>CD both play guitar
----"1.19.03 KK NULL Binspark, Tokyo" 75m (9.5) ?>MD>MD>CD contains haino solo set, Null solo set, Haino/Null duo set all approx 20-25min
----"1.24.03 MICHIO KARIMATA (sax flute) Penguin House, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) CSB>D100dat> CD Haino plays Guitar, vocals, percussion
----"2.2.03 RUINS Yaneura, Tokyo" 60m (9.5) CSB>MD>CD  also know as KNEAD 
----"2.9.03 NULL, MURAYAMA Binspark, Tokyo Japan" 120m (9.5) csb>md>cd set consists of solo sets, duo's and trio groupings
----"2.16.03 NULL, MURAYAMO 20,000volts Tokyo, Japan" 45m csb>md>cd
----"4.16.03 KEISUKE OTA (violin) In F, Oizumi Gakuen" 120m (9.5) CSB>D100dat> CD haino plays guitar, vocals, flute
----"5.1.03 NATSUKI KIDO (acoustic guitar) Dolphy, Yokohama" 130m (9.5)csb>D100dat> CD.. haino plays acoustic guitar on this
----"5.7.03 EICHI HAYASHI (sax), TOSHIYAKI ISHIZUKA (drums) Manda-La2, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) CSB>D100dat>CD haino guitar and vocals
----"7.11.03 PER GISLE GALAEN (guitar) / TOSHIYUKI SHIRAGAMI (bass) Aoi, Shibuya" 70m (9) MD>CD
----"7.29.03 MICHIHIRO SATO (Tsugaru shamisen), Showboat, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) ana>ana> CD haino (vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, tar)
----"8.8.03 KEIKI MIDORIKAWA, YOSHIAKI FUJIKAWA In F, Ohizumi Gaken" 70m (9) MD> CD  a very nice sax, bass, guitar trio..good set
----"9.28.03 COIL (not UK coil), Mandal-La 2, Tokyo" 50m (9.5) csb>dat> CD Haino (vocals, guitar, harmonica)  blues songs
----"11.14.03 MICHIO KARIMATA, TAKUJI KAWAI Classics, Daikanyama" 120m (9) MD> CD
----"2.20.04 DAITIKI/ YOSHIDA Club Quattro, Tokyo" 70m (9.5) dpa4061>datd100>CD
----"2.25.04 SAKAMOTO/ MAKIGAMI In F, Tokyo" 120m (10) dpa4061>datd100> CD
----"4.11.04 CHINO (Piano) Lady Jane, Tokyo" 120m (10) haino on guitar, vocals, harmonica..stunning show!!!) dpa4061>datd100>CD
----"5.21.04 HAYASHI Dolphy, Yokohama" 120m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 master
----"6.26.04 ANIMAMIMA Uplink Factory, Sibuya, Tokyo" 120m (10) dpa4016>datm1>CDR Haino Electronics, Flute, Vox, Hurdy Gurdy..Animamima 13 Sitars + ethnic intruments + harmonic vocal
----"7.2.04 MERZBOW Shinjuku Loft, Tokyo" 60m (10) dpa4061>datM1>CDR awesome elctronic show..
----"7.14.04 YOSHIDA/ MITSURA Manda-La2, Tokyo" 120m dpa4061>datM1 haino plays guitar, flute, vocals
----"7.21.04 FUJITAKE Stormy Monday, Yokohama" 120m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 Haino guitar vocals
----"9.1.04 OTOMO/ FUDO/ UNKNOWN? Jam Tokyo" 120m (9.5) dpa4061>datM1 Haino plays electronics vocals and drums consists of solos duets an full group
----"9.29.04 NARITA Sperdeluxe, Tokyo" (9.5) dap4061>datM1 disc also containts Urabe/ Junko from same date PSF show

----"1.27.90 Goodman, Ogikubo,  Japan" 60m (9) ?? > CD

----"3.11.97 Manda-La2" 120m (9)
----"10.10.98...." 60m (9)
----"10.17.04 Insatl 04, Glasgow" 120m (9) MD>CDR
----"8.17.02 Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan" 90m (9) sony mic??>MD>MD>CD  Haino guitar vocals, Pill Drums, Haino's new rock band

KNEAD (haino with Yoshida/ Sasaki of Ruins)

----"4.30.95 Showboat, Tokyo" 35m (9) haino just guitar on this set

----"8.10.01 Showboat, Tokyo" 75m (10) Dat>CD released on Fractal records but this is different source and has extra 4 trxs

----"6.5.03 Showboat, Tokyo" 120m (9.5) csb>D100> CD  Haino plays guitar vocals and flute on this show